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Anyone 18 years old and over can request the preparation of documents to make their own choices instead of having the state make them for you.

Avoid Probate, minimize professional fees, and gain peace of mind.

Plan to have your affairs in order and protect your family.

Last Will and Testament

I will prepare a basic Will (Last Will and Testament) for $350.00-$450.00.  I will also provide the notary at no additional cost

If I assist you with a Power of Attorney or a Last Will and Testament, you will also receive a Living Will (End of Life Care) at no additional cost.

Living Trust Package

Single- $750-$1,150/ Couple- $795-$1,250

Many people think a Will eliminates all the complications, but a Will still goes through Probate.  Wills can be simplified because there are minimal assets to divide.

A Living Trust generally avoids the time consuming and costly process of Probate.  My service provides:

Living Trust

Last Will and Testament

Pour over Will

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Mental Healthcare Power of Attorney

Financial Power of Attorney

Living Will (End of Life Care)

A single Living Will (End of Life Care) can be prepared individually for $100.00.  This document details your desire for medical treatment in circumstances in which you are no longer able to express your informed consent.

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