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What is a Legal Document Preparer?

A Legal Document Preparer is licensed throughout the State of Arizona to prepare documents, notarize documents, and file them with the Court on your behalf. In order to be certified and regulated by Arizona Supreme Court, one must have significant, previous experience, most commonly achieved through paralegal work in a law firm.  After obtaining experience, an individual must pass a comprehensive exam and pass a thorough FBI background check. 

Paralegal vs. Legal Document Preparer

In Arizona, a paralegal is required to complete legal documents under the supervision of an attorney.  In contrast, a Legal Document Preparer is certified to complete and file legal documents with the Court independently of an attorney.

Resolute Document Preparation, PLLC provides services to both individuals and businesses in Arizona not represented by an attorney.  I am not an attorney and can not provide legal advice. The customer is responsible for providing accurate information so the prepared documents will be correct when completed.  At no cost to you, I will refer you to an attorney for a phone consultation should you have legal questions. I want my clients to feel confident in their decisions. 


I know this Amazing woman as a friend and as a professional....and she is the same in both worlds...kind, honest, genuine, compassionate, wants what's best for you and your family and is prompt and helpful!  I 100% trust her to all of my family and friends! Please, if you don't have your life documents in place, contact her ASAP to get that peace of mind you need and want in these days of uncertainty! She's the BEST!

Kristal Hooper



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